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Jams and Spreads

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Dalmatia fig spreads and olive tapenades are made with rich hand-picked ingrediants: Adriatic Figs, Croatian Olives, and other Natural sun-kissed Citrus ingrediants. These extraordinary jams and spreads capture the ESSENCE OF THE DALMATIAN COAST with incomparable flavors derived from wholesome and healthful farming along the Dalmatian coast. 

Our fig jams and olive tapenades are not only naturally healthy and tasty, but they are also versatile.  You can spice up any recipe with one of these spreads, or simply serve as a main appetizer.  Our grandmother used the fig spreads in palicinke (crepes) and inside cookies or along with other Croatian pastries like fritule, strudle, and krostule.  Today, our kids love the fig and cocoa on top of ice cream. 

The black and green olive tapenades are ideal appetizers from your Dalmatian Kitchen.  Treat your guests to crackers or warm pogacha or foccacia with a side of the spread.  You can enliven nearly any entree recipe with a dollop of the tapenade.  Try it with your rizot (risotto), braised meats or cool seafood salads. 

Your options are endless.  However you incorporate our natural compotes into your recipes, you are sure to please everyone in your kitchen, even if it's just one!  ENJOY!

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